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It has long been known that link building is a vital part of optimizing your website. The search engines have worked hard on adapting their ranking algorithms, the process by which they assess where a site should rank, in order to reward quality of links over quantity.This would lead you to the assumption that the more links a site has from relevant and quality sources the better. Furthermore, links using the targeted key phrase of that page as the link text are more powerful than generic link text.

With this in mind, how do you go about getting the links you need? One of the ways that websites are getting links to their site is by distributing content that can be picked up by other webmasters. This can be in the form of article marketing, press release submission and blogging. This article will help you maximize your efforts with tips on designing a content distribution link building strategy targeted audience. It is important to consider who the people that you want to target are. Creating content that is right for your target audience will be the key to how many webmasters are willing to republish it on their site.

Research the subject matter you are writing about. Visit forums, blogs and search for questions online using keyword tools such as Word tracker Labs and Google’s own keyword tool. Find out what people in your target market really want to know about.Purpose    Does the content meet the needs of the target audience? Is it informative and help the reader with the solution to their problem? A well crafted and considered piece of content can be valuable in terms of its ability to generate links. Are you simply rewording something that others have created or are you generating your own unique take on the subject? Websites are often looking for new ideas and in a crowded internet you need to stand out above the rest.Check your WorkIt almost goes without saying but any content you distribute will reflect upon the organization you are looking to promote. Make sure it is spell checked, proof read by someone else and checked for errors.

Make sure the content you wish to distribute has the keywords of the subject you are promoting in the appropriate places such as article or blog titles and in the content and any Meta if it is allowed. Some content can be indexed and ranked in its own right such as your blog post and can be easier to find by those seeking content for their site or for their own interest.Link    The most important thing to remember is to link back to your own site using the appropriate key phrase as anchor text. In any article this can be done in an author’s resource box and within the content of the page. It is best to do this at the point the reader is interested in finding out more. Once you are happy with your piece you can submit it to some article submission sites so it can be picked up by web content managers and webmasters.

Sites such as EzineArticles, Article Base and Isnare are good examples, and  in the case of Blogs there are blog directories that you can submit your blog to including Blog Catalog and Blog Pulse. Promote your Material is a mistake often made is that once people create some content, they forget to promote it. This can be done by using social media channels such as Twitter or using your network on sites such as Facebook. Your material could easily be passed around and end up generating traffic and links back to your site. You can also email your distribution list letting them know you have just created a blog post that would really help them.In conclusion building links by distributing content is so much more than just firing off waves of articles and blog posts.  A carefully thought out and crafted article could be very powerful in gaining both links and relevant traffic back to your site. So get writing and with a bit of practice you could gain those much needed links; leading to a boost in rankings and, ultimately, site traffic.

Brad Callen, the SEO guru has launched his latest service called the SEO link vine. He is well known for his other products that he launched in the past like SEO elite, Keyword elite and various other products and services.This new tool or service that he has introduced in the SEO market is about being able to syndicate your articles to the blog network or to join the network in order to get fresh content. By becoming a part of the various blog networks using link vine, you are able to generate more traffic to your website and also develop more back links.

Brad Callen realized the fact that most internet marketers would earlier write articles and then submit them to the various article directories. This was the only way to generate back links and traffic to their content and their articles page. This process was not only too time consuming but also the quality of most submission directories was not too great either. This in turn would affect the overall result of the internet marketers and the traffic that the article or the website would generate in a negative manner.Now, this new service or tool that Brad Callen has launched allows you to submit as many articles you want for a monthly fee. Thus, this network submits and distributes your articles automatically over a period of time to different blogs which are of good quality.So, you may wonder how it will help you as an internet marketer.

Well, there are many advantages of using the Link Vine to SEO your article. To begin with, this service has made the entire job of article submission fast and easy. Thus, you no longer need to wait for hours to submit your articles. And if you are using an article submitter, then you will no longer need one or have to wait for him to submit your articles.Secondly, in terms of search engine optimization, the distribution system is absolutely natural. The process of article submission needs a continuous flow of submission links. And when you use a service like Link Vine, it helps you get rid of all the extra hassles that are involved in submitting articles regularly. So all you need to do is just submit your article once and then forget about them.Brad Callen’s Link Vine thus helps you to get quick and immediate results for your article submission and provides you with a fresh source for your content.

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